Singer, Songwriter, Multi-instrumentalist and Producer
Born and raised in Ponce, Puerto Rico, Rick Moon is a producer/singer/songwriter living and working in Miami, Florida. He has been writing and producing songs since he was 12 years old.

In 2010, Rick Moon moved to Miami and decided to pursue an education in Audio Production. On June 7, 2012, Rick Moon released the poppy feel-good debut album, Tired Of Sleeping. Tired Of Sleeping received positive feedback from audiences in NY, LA, Miami and Puerto Rico and it’s title-song, Tired Of Sleeping, was placed in regular rotation on Puerto Rican radio.

Moon released a second album in September 2015 called Cottage Scenes and began performing with a new band in Miami, FL. After beginning to perform with other artists and taking on several projects as producer, Moon released his third album, Electric Lunch. This album showcases a significant sonic expansion from his previously more subdued and folksy, Cottage Scenes. The self-produced concept album with big power-pop hooks points to Rick’s lifelong love of XTC, Todd Rundgren, Mersey Beat, and classic British rock at large.
Electric Lunch is a paradox– a bright and cynical album addressing the hope of post-addiction and the existential ennui of seeing the doomed world with clear eyes for the first time. The power pop is balanced with tender ballads and confessionals that rip at your guts and remind you why the pain is worth pushing through.