A desire to leave home and see what the world has to offer is at the heart of the journey of most artists and humans alike. Via the journey, we hope to find out what we’re made of and what we can withstand. When Nick County lost his father, there was a rush of pain and profound sadness that levelled anything he thought he had known. The fact that they had been estranged previously, only compounded this. With these emotions, also came a deep desire to reconcile not only with his fathers ghost, but also the small town where he grew up, and his lapsed relationship with god.

These elements conflated in this collection of songs “Nick County & The All Nite Welders: A Colorful Corner of Northeastern Pennsylvania”. As much a folk album in spirit, as it is an american amalgam of others, NC gathered up a vanload of his latino miami brothers, travelled to his pastoral hometown 1300 miles away, and recorded this sprawling album in a borrowed garage. The result is a 14 song meditation on pain, loss, faith, forgiveness of the regrets of self and forgiveness of the wrongs of others. Sometimes when you go looking for your home, you discover something far more important.