I first heard DirtBike on a sticky summer night in Washington, DC at house venue the Rhizome. With my primary intention to see and photograph Florida’s famed Pearl & the Oysters, I did the obligatory walk into the sweat soaked living room to listen to the opening band. You know those rare little moments where musical fate just hits you right in the face? Well this was it. DirtBike had it.
With playful, fast paced tunes, DirtBike sounds like a lively mix of old timey ragtime meets modern video games. Behind this animated energy the instrumentation is equally dense and intricate, and their live sets are perfectly palatable in one wholesome bite.
Their latest release, Country Club Acres, is a sweet, bouncy follow up to 2019’s Season 2 with each song revolving around a memory, this release is an auditory photo album, breezy and buoyant, and a precious glimpse into contemporary independent music. – Melted Magazine