Hailing from Oakland, California, LUMERIANS are what Silver Apples and Kraftwerk would sound like collaborating on a psychedelic space rock opera. The group, formed in 2006 with a name that references “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” is known for incredible live shows with trippy visuals to enhance the equally out-there sounds. A Lumerians audience is basically lulled into a trancelike state that is captivating to behold and insane to be a part of — a full frontal-cortex assault that is part cult of personality and part alien abduction. Listening to albums such as “Transmalinnia,” their slow-to-gestate 2011 debut, or 2013’s “The High Frontier,” is like a Marshall Applewhite ascension ritual that you actually get to live through.

”I guess we live in a spaceship that bends the universe around it rather than flying,” a Lumerian explained to Dangerous Minds in 2012, “or maybe it’s a beach house, except instead of sand and water outside, it’s got taco trucks and human trafficking.”

Veterans of bills with the Butthole Surfers and more recently My Bloody Valentine, the band is presently touring in support of “Call of the Void,” an album exhibiting shades of John Carpenter movie music and the Tangerine Dream-channeling Survive — they of the “Stranger Things” theme. It seems fitting that an act from Oakland, one bridge over from the birthpod of hippie culture, would be the new ambassadors of envelope-pushing, audiovisual sex, drugs and space travel.

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